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Social Media Content and Management isn’t something to leave to the intern, nor is it a ‘set and forget’ tactic. Your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest accounts are primary customer-facing channels for your marketing and customer service departments, and often can incorporate HR, PR and legal sensitivities.  

With more than 15 million active Facebook users and YouTube visitors, 9 million Instagram users and 4.5 million LinkedIn users every month, Australians – your target audience – are on social media. They’re also increasingly on mobile devices meaning they can access your content at all hours, day and night.  

 Do you have these components in place for your social media accounts? 

  • Social Media Strategy  
  • Social Media Staff Conduct Policy 
  • Social Media Risk Assessment and Response Plan 
  • Content Planners 
  • Approved FAQ responses 
  • Out of hours monitoring and responding 



As PR professionals, it’s our job to spot a good story. We can find content anywhere – and that’s great for maintaining active, engaging posts for your audience! Our content creators will ensure your brand achieves its commercial goals, while writing in a way that attracts, interests and influences the reader.  

From curated content from like-minded non-competitive brands to user-generated content and of course, content created from scratch, Elevate will help you stand out and get noticed in the digital world. We use infographics, videos, quotes, industry sources and more to ensure there’s something for everyone.  

If writing isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have time to worry about hashtagging and engagement growth, drop a note into Elevate today to see how we can help you generate brand awareness and attract new leads.

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