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Websites are an important online representation of a business that express your brand, communicate your services and form an important part of a company’s reputation. Not only does having a website cultivate your online presence, but it gives your brand credibility, while providing a platform for engagement with your audience. In turn, this promotes a positive relationship with your audience, and leads to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

In this digital age, if your website does not clearly engage your audience and drive enquiry, your business is missing a vital communication resource that your competitors are exploiting. This can lead to a lack of confidence in your brand, customer dissatisfaction and a diminished market share.

As the online portal for your brand, the team at Elevate can enhance your web presence through improved SEO and SEM rankings, as well as refreshing the content and overall design so it speaks directly to your key target market and capitalises on traffic.

At Elevate, the team have developed a four-step process for website development and/or redesign, that ensures a systematic approach to site maps, wire frames, page layouts, content writing and coding. 

1. The Elevate team will facilitate a discovery workshop.

  • Set requirements
  • Define goals and objectives 
  • Lock in scope of work

2. Elevate will assist in the architecture of the website development.

  • Functional considerations
  • Technical specifications
  • Security constraints
  • Flow of information analysis for the end-user
  • Responsiveness

3. Elevate will develop your website’s visual design.

  • Locking in branding and design elements for visual appearance
  • Lo-Fi wireframes converted to Hi-Fi wireframes 

4. Elevate will assist in the development of your website.

  • Website build
  • Website testing
  • Website deployment 


Elevate’s capable team of practitioners actively utilise this methodical four-step process to ensure your business’ website is tailor-made just for you. Using their expertise, the team at Elevate is confident their comprehensive process will grow your brand, providing improved brand awareness in the digital space.  

Skilled in Content Management Systems, the Elevate team can also manage the online reach and accessibility of web content including news and updates, links to media coverage, blogs and industry-relevant commentary pieces.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level in this digital age, why not get in touch with the experienced team at Elevate today!

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