Internal Communication

Internal Communication is too often overlooked as a core communication function in businesses. Whether you think you’re too small to need a formal system or too big to maintain it, the fact is, you’re not a business without the team around you!  

You already know it’s cheaper to retain an employee than to hire and train a new one, and studies have shown that people leave bosses, not jobs, so the secret to low turnover and increased productivity and morale is building a staff culture and offering transparency, information and autonomy.  

It’s not up to your HR department to pick up all the pieces when it comes to staff culture – staff culture is an all-of-team approach and one way you as a manager, leader or marketer can really contribute to this is through providing regular, engaging content that offers your staff value 

Depending on the style of your business, internal communication can come in the form of: 

  • EDMs 
  • Email alerts or memos 
  • Intranet updates 
  • SMS 
  • Team meetings 
  • Workshops 
  • Video Chat 
  • Noticeboards 
  • Posters 
  • Surveys  

While regular communication is important to help make your staff and internal stakeholders aware of your key promotions, milestones, news and events, it is also critical for any major change in your business, whether through a merger, new senior appointments or new processes or technology introduced.  


Founded on PR methodology, Elevate understands that at the heart of every communication program, is understanding what the message is and who it is intended for. Too often businesses know the message but forget who it is they’re speaking to and what it is they want to hear.  

When it comes to managing internal communications, Elevate makes it a point to demonstrate to clients the value of strong internal communications. After all, every business is in the people business and strong internal brand ambassadors can create far greater impact than any paid advertising or marketing program can! 

Our experience with internal communications spans 10 years and includes regular internal newsletters, interviews with staff to prepare profiles, managing team events, creating internal presentations to deliver a message and drive a desired behaviour from staff, create and evaluate staff surveys, and much more.  

It’s time to build employee morale, staff culture and job satisfaction while reducing turnover and recruitment costs with the simple introduction of internal communication executed by the professional communication team at Elevate. 

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