Digital and Social Media Advertising

If you’re pretty chuffed with your 10,000 followers on Facebook and your weekly posts to LinkedIn, you might be surprised to learn that most of your social media community won’t even see your content if you post organically.

With reports suggesting that as little as two percent of your Facebook community are seeing your posts without an advertising spend, then all of your hard work in producing content is being wasted. Similarly, in the competitive world of Google, hundreds of brands are competing in the same space as you, so what are the chances of your website being on page one for a search query?

While digital marketing is certainly a low-cost tactic that businesses of any size can get into, your chances of converting passive audiences into customers who take action rise considerably when you have a strategic advertising plan aligned with your commercial goals.



Your digital program is in great hands with our award-winning Digital Manager and broader digital team. There’s no one size fits all campaign and we make it our job to understand your audiences, your most profitable or preferred product or service to promote, the competitiveness of your industry and keywords and the best call to action to convert passive audiences into genuine customers.

Elevate can strategise, implement and report on:

  • Google AdWords – we help you determine the best keywords for Google, in a bidding effort to position your website on page one of the search list. This can be a very cost-effective tool as you set your budget, you only pay when people click through to your content and you’re in front of people actively searching for your area of expertise – a very warm lead!
  • Re-Targeting Marketing - Studies have shown customers typically come back three or four times to look at an item before purchasing so retargeting helps propel this pattern faster. This advertising approach uses cookies to follow shoppers around the web and display previously searched services and products in the ad spaces on their favourite websites. It’s also cost effective as you are targeting customers who are more likely to purchase.
  •  Facebook and LinkedIn Ads – Very much a ‘pay to play’ space these days, it is near impossible for a business to be seen on social media without any advertising. Sure, that cat video could go viral, but is it going to get cart conversions or tickets booked? Posts with the right content, creative and call to action should be delivered through advertising for the best outcomes. You’ve got to spend money to make money, right?!

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